David Omari Faceless YouTube Mastery Course – My Honest Review

David Omari Faceless youtube Course- My Honest Review 
 David Omari

David Omari

Training Quality: 1/10
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Overall Rank: 0/10

How David Omari’s Faceless Youtube Mastery Course  Works

David Omari claims he is a YouTube expert who specializes in YouTube Automation. He offers a YouTube Mastery Program where he teaches how to grow Cash Cow YouTube Channels that generate consistent cash flow every month. Unfortunately what he claims to teach you is not true at all. He sells you a dream and gives you a Crappy course in return that is probably worth about 50 bucks. I would suggest you not waiste your money! WARNING! SCAM ALERT!!! ANY ONE WHO WEAR SHADES MOST OF THE TIME AND EVEN IN HIS INTERVIEWS…CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Here is one of the latest reviews about him that I found on reddit.

David Omari IS A SCAMMER 

Webinar said 30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, THEN 60 day conditional guarantee after that. Short version, THEY LIED! I asked for my $ back <12 hours into it when I figured out it would not be relevant to what I was trying to do. They REFUSED to give me $ back EVEN THOUGH they admitted to the conditions I just described being mentioned on the webinar. I reached out to David personally on FB messenger, and he said he would “look into it,” THEN HE GHOSTED ME! I have emailed them at least 30 times requesting a receipt that I never received, they REFUSE to send it to me unless I provide a DIFFERENT email account (which I find incredibly sketchy). I lost $2500 to this scammer!

Please do your research before making any decisions on any course. Especially if the owner tells you that you can make millions of dollars over night! Run fast! You always have to put in work over some time in order to see results with any business unless you have just been given a miracle or got lucky.  If you are looking to make money online in a legit way then check out y #1 recommendation if you want to become successful online.

Update: I decided to go to one of the live videos on his Facebook channel. Being that I was accepted into it after signing up with the program. He had 2 people that could have possibly been his family members to do a Q&A. They weren’t really answering anyone’s questions just beating around the bush. So I asked could I see one of the Youtube channels David has and she said he doesn’t show that. Then she ended the Live. (Very Sketchy!

If you have been scammed or know someone who has post your comments or questions below. 

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